Occasionally, I have witnessed a Tempe police officer confronting a Dumpster diver collecting aluminum cans, which these days can fetch a nifty $1 a pound if you know where to take them to sell. How absurd that cops can —  or would — intercede. That’s especially true these days when poverty is ever more rampant, when unemployment is obscene and when people need to be allowed to carry out what humans have been doing since the beginning of time – talking ownership of what the wasteful waste.So first off, IF Tempe police are harassing aluminum can collectors, they should stop it immediately – and let folks seek to make a living. Never mind they might get cut on a jar or whatever.  I suspect they, like the rag-pickers who live off dumping grounds around the world, know the risks and adjust appropriately. Why should anyone be denied taking ownership of what others discard?

 I penned a “Beyond Belief” blog for the East Valley Tribune on

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