Because I have named this blog “Lawn Cares,” I feel compelled to address lawn care here in Tempe, Ariz., where winter rains have turn yards and byways into weedy meadows.  I keep expecting a city nuisance patroller to go by and leave notices on doors.

I am just glad I never gave in to my wife’s urges to rock the front yard and have desert landscape.  Up and down my street, rocky front properties are bursting with weeds reaching to the sky.  They have pentrated up through gravel, crushed granite and pebble landscapes to bloom and produce fields of yellow flowers.  In some yards, it’s hard to even tell there is desert landscaping.  On city medians, bearing crushed rock, weeds have taken over.

One day, a neighbor two houses down was painstakingly using a shovel to scrape the rocky dirt to cut off the weeds.  His progress was slow and he quit after seemingly doing less than an eight of one side of the yard.  His snarl of assorted weeds are past my knees in height.  He has a daunting task ahead of him. Another neighbor, I see, has worked his yard with a tool uprooting noxious weeds one at a time.

Another neighbor walked through the weeds spraying herbicides.  Days later, I can’t tell that anything was accomplished.   As one who wants minimal experience with insecticides or herbicides because of their toxic ramifications, I choose to take care of critters and weeds more conventionally and more cheaply.

I have mowed our front yard three times in the past 10 days — mostly to cut down those fast-growing yellow weeds that seem to give up as the heat comes on. I have pulled some of them in the back yard.  I realize it is only a few weeks before the weeds largely are defeated by the mower and the onset of hot weather.   It looks pretty ugly on empty lots around the city where weeds grow out of control, then turn to dry sticks as spring moves to summer.

Get out the mower, folks, and keep buzzing off that stuff.  And if you have desert landscaping, do what you have to do to end the unsightliness. I am just glad I am not you.