Our city received a well-deserved endorsement recently when the New York real estate entity, The Corcoran Group,  listed Tempe as one of the “Five Amazing Places to Live the Rest of Your Life.”

Barbara Corcoran listed Tempe as the second of five cities. The others are Hot Springs, Ark.; Eugene, Ore.; Riderwood in Silver Springs, Md., and The Village at Penn State in State College, Pa.

Here is what she said about Tempe: “WHO: Outdoor types and people who like to volunteer. WHERE: A 20-minute drive from Scottsdale and Phoenix. WHY: Tempe has 300 sunny days per year, 150 miles of bike paths and hundreds of acres of parkland in its busy downtown, around a huge urban lake.  It also is home to programs that match over-55 adults with volunteer opportunities, including high school tutoring and second-career opportunities, such as small business counseling and civil posts. HOW MUCH:  The median home price is $153,000.”

In Corcoran’s brief introduction to her list, she said, “Many of today’s retirees see retirement as a fresh start — the chance to pursue a creative passion, launch a signature enterprise or further a favorite cause — rather than a never-ending vacation.  For those of us ready to stage a second act, a retirement locale must be more than an affordable  place to spend the next phase of our lives.  It has to offer stimulating cultural, intellectual and physical lifestyle to opportunities.”

Corcoran said the five top destinations appeal to a “broad range of interests and preferences. What they all have in common is that they’re full of people who ‘act old’ — they’re growing centers of recreation and commerce.”

Her description of Tempe included no mention of Arizona State University or it being a college town.    As a semi-retiree and 26-year resident of Tempe, I relish this new distinction for Tempe.    I often tell people that I have a recurring dream in my sleep that I am being forced to move back to the Midwest and I resist it to the point of being often  aroused from my sleep.

Tempe IS an amazing place, so get out and enjoy it for the rest of your life.