Dogs.  My nextdoor neighbor has two loud, vicious, obnoxious, psychotic dogs that  bark at everything, including  whenever a fly lets a flatus. I just have to take a breath in the back yard, and those mutts erupt into incessant roars even though they cannot see me.

The dogs’ owner is a renter, and I entertain the thought that the rent will lapse, and the dogs might go snarling on their way to somewhere else.  When I go near the concrete wall that separates our back yards,  the black one leaps high and briefly catches its paws on the top of the 6-foot wall, catches sight of me, falls backwards and goes into a frenzy of dog madness.

Whether I mow in the front yard or back yard, the dogs go ballistic. They work tirelessly to monitor the alley and the house’s side gate, spewing doggie anger at garbage trucks, kids walking to or from school  and people taking short cuts.  They peer through broken slats created by their unending yelping and pressing to spot anything real or imagined.  They unleash their cacophony despite having zero chance of causing real harm.

Early after the neighbors moved in, I spotted a small dog come up to my door. It had escaped through the front gate. He was friendly, actually, but when I tried to put it back into the yard, the others dogs wanted to rip me apart. The best I could do was to wire the top of the gate, out of their reach, to make sure they couldn’t escape, too. I put a note on the front door and then put the little dog in our Arizona room until the owner came to claim it.

Weeks later she was looking for “Rebel” again. She posted signs and doggy pictures around the neighborhood, but Rebel never made it back home. Since then, the white rottweiler and black mix terrier have taken up the slack of any fury that Rebel could muster.   My other neighbors resent the barking. One neighbor across the street  has to deal with other ear-splitting dogs that are on a property behind their house.

What I want to know: What’s with dog owners keeping crazy dogs?  Have they no shame for the bedlam their pets cause?  What benefit is it to have such dogs that seem so tormented by most everything that is unsettling in their environments? Doggone it, what is so cute about furious canine that want to take strangers heads off?