I was doing some research on a high school classmate so I went to a scrapbook that contains all the articles, columns and materials from “Top Talk,” my high school newspaper.  I was editor of the newspaper that was included in the Parkersburg (Iowa) Eclipse during my senior year, 1963-64.

I came across the “senior portrait” that was written on me.  On Nov. 6, 1963, or 46 1/2 years ago, this is what it said I was all about:

“Lawn Griffiths is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Griffiths of Parkersburg. He is 17, 5’7”, with brown hair and hazel eyes. Among his favorites: color- green; food – french fries and banana splits; actor – James McArthur; actress – Shirley Jones; hobby – reading social and historical novels, stamp collecting, swimming and studying controversial issues; subject in high school – geometry.

“Lawn’s pet peeve is people who give up independence, ethics, goals and achievements for conformity with a narrow-minded group.

“Lawn is taking the following subjects: trigonometry, government, English and physics.  Among his high school activities are: editor-in-chief of Top Talk, Student Council, annual staff, band and instrumental soloist, swing band, boys chorus, mixed chorus, junior class play, twice former class president and member of the defunct Latin Club.

“Lawn’s comments of his high school career were:  ‘My career in high school has been more rewardingly successful than I ever perceived it could be.  But I found I had to put everything into it if I wished to get anything out.  I found academic achievement was not self-gratifying enough, so I delved into extracurricular activities. This four-year period forged the golden key with which I hope to unlock a productive, prominent future. I can’t say enough for my excellent instructors over that span. My classmates have been the most splendid kids a person could ever attend school with.’

“His plans after graduation from high school are thus: ‘I have been accepted by, and will attend, Iowa State University at Ames where I will major in veterinary medicine and minor in journalism. Politics just may enter into it also.'”

Well, I quickly switched majors and got a degree in journalism in four years. I never got beyond student government and organizational politics.