I get so embarrassed sometimes being a white male.  For all the advantages that power, culture and history have given  white males, we still lead the way in bald-faced stupidity and keeping other people down.

Maybe it’s that dumb-as-an-ox gene. Maybe it’s the blind selfishness, the shameless unwillingness to surrender the advantages gained through the millenia. Maybe mostly arrogance of  always being in control.   I generalize, but the list of creapiest people who make the most misery in this country are white males blocking change that would help others less advantaged.

What immediately comes to mind mostly old white men, old fogies,  in politics and religion — toxically conservative.  Two of the best examples have been Senator John McCain and his fixation with preserving “Don’t Ask  Don’t Tell” that has destroyed so much military talent over the past 17 years; and Pope Benedict XVI and his resistance to condom use and birth control as well as his woeful stand on gay issues.

McCain, who so touts himself as the Great Sage in anything dealing with the American military, has consistently displayed his being so out-of-touch on gays in the armed services.  The Associated Press reports that surveys within the ranks of the military find 70 percent would accept servicemen to be open about their sexuality without repercussions. The respondents to the survey showed 7 in 10 servicemen felt dropping the rule would have positive ormixed effect, or none at all. Like old prejudice that blacks or women in uniform and units with white males would hurt morale, the same nonsensical biases have been held about gays. 

 On Tuesday, the Pentagon is expected to release a report confirming that it’s really no big deal.   Those in uniform are mainly under age 30, and all demographics show that there isn’t the fuss and prejudice against gays as there is among old men who carry the baggage from the era of greater ignorance.  Among the hundreds of comments follow the online story are these three:

  —  “Oh no, not the big scary gays. We can’t let them serve in the military. Oh wait I forgot, they already do.”

–“I spent 8 years in the marines- 85-92, with high speed, low drag units. I talked with some friends recently: all of us remembered gay marines, none of us gave a crap. They were just Marines. This type of stuff is usually drummed up by civilians w/an agenda.

— Let’s see. I believe it is John McCain who said he would go along with the head military people if they saw fit to allow gays to serve. Of course, as usual, he changed his mind during the elections and said he would wait to see how the military polls would vote on this issue. I wonder how many times he will change his mind along with his wonderful Republican friends on this issue. I guess our military people have spoken. Let’s see what the coward, backward, bigotted Republicans will do now. Can’t wait.

More than 13,300 servicemen have been discharged from the military since President Clinton betrayed human progress and imposed the insidious law.  Much has been mentioned about the talent lost, especially skilled linguists needed for foreign wars.  The AP article lays out how wrong  politicians and military leaders have been in the past 75 years as the armed services weighed dropping racial separation and later gender barriers.   One Army master sergeant in 1947 told Pentagon interviewers, “Negro outfits should be maintained separately. To do otherwise is to invite trouble and many complications…”

To his credit, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has been open-minded on it. We seemed headed toward a lift of the ban earlier until McCain  insisted on a full study of  troops’ reaction. Meanwhile, a federal judge  ruled in September that the ban violated the First and Fifth Amendments.   President Obama, who campaigned for the White House on a pledge, to end DADT, has been a disappointment on this issue, preferring to let the issue run its course. 

The Lame Duck Congress needs to get the job done and vote out the ban. The House already has. Look for the Republicans to do all they typically do to pass any legislation that involves social justice and human progress.