It happened twice in one day and continues to happen many days: The driver behind me takes out his or her cellphone at a stoplight and takes a photo of the back of my Chevy S-10 pickup. Sometimes I send him or her a thumbs up.

The back of my truck features my Arizona personalized license plate: NOCIRCM.   Sometimes I am asked, “What does that mean?” I say, “No Circumcision.”  It is on an Arizona child abuse prevention plate with the lines on the bottom: “It Shouldn’t Hurt To Be A Child.”  The two items together help to reinforce each other.

The back of the truck also has a bumper sticker that says, “We are helping to STOP routine infant circumcision.”  On the other side of the bumper is a sticker that says, “Stop Cutting on Defenseless Babies: Circumcision is Wrong.”

But the big attention-grabber is the sticker with yellow letter against a black background: “Circumcision – A Cruel Ripoff.”   That draws finger-pointing and camera shots.  I feel confident it is helping to change minds and save baby boys from the indignity of cirumcision.

I hope folks share their photos of my truck.  More than that, I hope it starts their brains churning and their conscience stirring and the human compassion beginning to kick in.  I hope it makes them go to the Web or elsewhere to see what all the fuss is about.  Gosh, we have got to get a grassroots fire burning to get the medical industry and hospitals to stop the cruelty and ripoff.  More than that we have to get grandmothers, mothers, grandfathers and fathers, sisters, aunts and uncles, neighbors and friends, office colleagues and pastors and the media to start to realize that circumcision is a perverse, repulsive practice that has no place in human society.  That is so self-evident.

No one — not the most loving parent — should have the authority to order a healthy body structure, with a clear purpose, to be cut off. The foreskin is not trivial or redundant or ugly or another part of the throwaway society we have created.  Religion is a weak excuse to cut off  a part of a boy’s privates to satisfy some ancient code when those religions have already wisely sorted out and rejected all sorts of  harsh, cruel and unconscienable practices in the process of becoming civilized and enlightened.

As I say so often, the Web through Facebook and blogs is really mounting an offense against the circumcisers and the blind parents who keep perpetuating  genital mutilations.  One of the best conversation scripts to use to debunk anyone who tries to start defending circumcision can be found at that wonderful website:  Get an awakening by reading these powerful statements of one-liners.  Check out:

Be part of ending this disgusting culturally entrenched sexual assault on the helpless.

Below is an earlier photo of me with a sticker that said “Forekins are Not A Birth Defect.”