One local talk radio host aptly opened his show Monday with that song from the Wizard of Oz, “Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead.”  The dramatic slaying of Osama bin Laden on Sunday is all the  talk in the media, and the analysis is fierce.  Here are some quick observations:

— It gave new meaning to planning and exercising it once all the pieces are in place.  Tense moments in Pakistan and the White House.  What if the whole nation had been watching on pins and needles?

— Alas, we have to see anew all the rogues of the last administration who got us into the mess, i.e., Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld,  Rove, Card, et. al.  All has-beens — some of whom belong in prison.

— So much fun hearing the replays on Bush’s quotes about how little he bothered to pursue bin Laden.  “I just don’t spend that much time on him,” he said at one point.  “. … I don’t know where he is.   I am truly not that concerned about him.”  Now the apologists for Bush all are trying to take  big credit for bin Laden’s killing.  May historians get the true story of what were the real  machinations in the Bush White House.

— Republicans are dumbfounded, caught off-guard by a mega-Obama administration success in getting the No. 1 terrorist.  They’re hopelessly scrambling to find a way to discredit Obama for his coup.

— The timing couldn’t have been more remarkable: It came days after he detonated Donald Trump’s taunts about his birth certificate and the day before he, along with Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers, relentlessly pummeled Trump at the Washington Correspondents Dinner and turned Trump into a petty, self-promoting weenie.

— Here’s hoping the photos and videos of bin Laden’s cadaver are not murky and problematic — photo work that opens the door to doubts and accusations of PhotoShop manipulations. Some will never accept them as legitimate, no matter what. And Elvis is still alive.

— The Navy Seals who pull this off are superheroes –and look for them to surface as servicemen who will be celebrated, honored and turned into household names.  Hollywood producers are, no doubt, scrambling to do the movies deals on it.

— This is the impetus for the U.S. to forthrightly accelerate its pullout from Afghanistan.  The waste of billions goes on, much of it going into the bank accounts of corrupt people up and down the food chain in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and beyond.  Afghanistan alone has cost  $444 billion.

— The precision of the operation in Pakistan on Sunday raises new questions as to whether we should be using the huge clumsy, costly armed forces to target and destroy terroists.  Special forces and top-notch intelligence seemingly have more merit.