Dear Komen Leaders:

The insidious ways that right-wingers in this country relentlessly infiltrate otherwise good things is evident with you misguided decision to drop financial support to Planned Parenthood. You somehow failed to see the absurdity and hypocrisy.

You are wrong in your actions. The consequences for you will be profound. My family certainly will no longer support any Komen efforts. You allowed the conservative crazies in this country to put their noses under your tent and poison your operation. The percentage of Planned Parenthood funds that go to abortion is miniscule. I would like to stop paying my taxes for a thousand things that governments at the local, state and national level do. I wouldn’t, however. I have to begrudgingly pay my taxes, knowing that many good things will also happen because of it. You take the bad with the good.

Planned Parenthood has a long, courageous and humane legacy of serving hundreds of thousands of women, especially those who cannot find help anywhere else. Susan G. Komen folks, you have shot yourselves in the foot. The fallout will be enormous.

You have been blinded by the reactionaries and conservatives who only see black and white. We will all be watching where you put your money. You will have to be very, very careful that your funds don’t go to anything but squeaky clean recipients. Swallow your pride, recognize your mistake.

Recognize what it apparent: Congressmen can “investigate” pretty much anything if they get a wild hair. What about your $7.5 million grant to the medical center at Penn State University, which is under investigation for the sexual misconduct in its athletic program?

You’re hypocrites who got goosed by the right wing who need to stir up more anti-abortion hysteria to raise funds and remind us they want to be relevant. So sad that your organization, which has done so much good, cannot see what has happened to it. We will be watching your damage-control efforts.


Lawn Griffiths