The secondary title of this blog is: Someone has to say it. There’s so much to be outraged about these days.

  •  The lack of vigilance and the presence of apathy lead to abuse, and a whole society is taken advantage of by the rogues. I watch the cable news channels as they discuss the 2012 presidential campaign, and I am convinced that the talking heads care much less about America’s future than in ginning up a highly competitive election that will be an election night cliffhanger — what would be great for ratings.  They are so shallow. They want a good fight, nevermind the outcome.  Of course, they won’t label candidates’  lies as “lies,” and they get so excited by certain polls that show Obama and Romney virtually even at this point. “Lordy, lordy, we’ve got a nail-biter.”  Never mind the consequences. These commentators are too smart to choose to have  historic election night gyrations  to what truly is consequential for the republic.
  • I just wished the American electorate was wise enough to recognize their own self-interests and the disaster of a Republican win in the White House. If we think the banks, the oil companies, Wall Street and speculators have just about eclipsed the power of the federal government itself now, wait until Romney opens the floodgates for the rich, powerful and greedy. The current revival of that weasel Donald Trump and his incessant preoccupation about Obama’s birth certificate show the idiocy of the Republican tribe and Romney’s shameless willingness to have yet more to do with the contemptible Trump.
  •  The greatest tragedy of a Romney win would be the consequences for the U.S. Supreme Court and the expectation of a 6-3 conservative majority. The CItizens United ruling last year should give every American a jolt. It has allowed the filthy rich to anonymously produce the most vile commercials and blanket the nation, sucking in the politically naive to accept it.   Look for the devious Karl Rove & Co. to concoct one or more outrageous accusations against Obama that the national media will feel obliged to fixate on for weeks before the election, as was done to John Kerry in 2004 with the phoney Swiftboard epic.  The Lee Atwater
  • What is next for the fat lady on Rural Road?  Here in Tempe this month, we’ve had some folks objecting to a sculpture of a seated corpulent  body. It is said to be a female nude, but the folds of skin tend to mask that fact.  It’s been a circus following the events of the white plaster-like body facing the traffic on Rural just south of Broadway Road.  Landscape architect Bill Tonnesen has been in news stories and on TV news reports defending the art of the rather asexual humanoid whose breasts are lost in the folds.  He owns the apartment complex where, on a street wall, the plump white body with an overhanging belly and folded arms suggest someone who has come to watch traffic.   That Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church and its grade school are right across the street adds to the story. Tonnesen says his statue replicate the ancient Venus of Willendorf  figure found in museums.  Neighbors have spoken out about it, someone drapped burlap over it once, then along came a vandal who sprayed green paint on the front of the statue (that’s been removed).  Tonnesen told the media that his wife doesn’t like the statue, and Tonnesen responded one day by gluing dollar bills to the groin area. The bills seemingly didn’t stick well, and sidewalk observers said it made the nude look like a stripper who has collected from her lap dances.   Some of Tonnesen works are to be found farther down Rural Road.  News reports say Tonnesen has gotten approval from the city for his works. A lamp just above the statue’s head lights her at night.     We salute Tonnesen for his community art. Art is supposed to be edgy and thought-provoking and creative.   Bring it on.  The human body has been the art world’s infinite subject. Let’s get use to it — and stop being prudes.