A Facebook message alerted me to see what the March of Dimes is advising parents regarding circumcision. I went to the web site and was troubled to see it took the mindless middle approach that it is a practice parents may choose to follow.  There was no advocacy for the rights of the child, no mention that babies, in fact, die from complications of circumcision or that a male’s anatomy is changed forever by such imposed cutting away of a protective, lubricating and sensuous structure.   So I wrote them and told them I won’t be helping them out any longer in the ‘hood when they want volunteers to raise some cash for them from up and down the street:



March of Dimes

1275 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY 10605

 Dear Director and Staff:

 RE: March of Dimes and Circumcision

For a number of years, I have taken care of the March of Dimes neighborhood campaign on my block and have contributed generously myself before passing the funds back to you.

 I am here to announce that I shall not do that volunteer task for you any longer.   It has come to my attention that your web site gives credence and affirmation to the despicable, medically unethical practice of routine infant circumcision.  Moreover, you quote the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding circumcision.  The APP has been soundly discredited for its sordid “research” and subsequent statements regarding circumcision.  You should not be informing parents that circumcision is a perfectly OK option if  young males comes into their families

 Any reader of your page on circumcision would come away with the opinion that the March of Dimes, a so-called advocate for the health and welfare of children, sees nothing wrong with the practice of crushing and cutting away of the foreskins of helpless, defenseless baby boys and minors.  As father and grandfather of intact males, I can categorically say that circumcision violates a doctor’s Hippocratic Oath: “First Do No Harm.”  It violates medical ethics by removing a healthy body structure put there for such purposes as protection, lubrication, immunization and sensual response.

 We do not cut off healthy body parts in advance of any so-called health risk.  If we did, we would remove teeth so they don’t get cavities, breast buds of girls so they don’t get breast cancer some day and hair so there can be no split ends.   It is deplorable that an organization like the March of Dimes has not joined the movement to fight for the human rights and medical justice for young males in this country.   It is such hypocrisy and such a double standard that the U.S. Congress outlawed female genital cutting/mutilation in this country in 1996, yet permits genital cutting of males to continue legally in this country.  Only because it is culturally entrenched, because it has a billion-dollar circumcision industry driving it and expectant parents have been duped into believing such nonsense that a cut penis looks better, or a boy should look (lack) like his father or that it is easier to keep clean.  Call it what it is, “cosmetic surgery,” and the law says cosmetic surgery is not to be performed on minors.

 If the March of Dimes wants to truly be an advocate for children, it will change its web site and adopt language that educates parents on the value and purpose of leaving young males the way God and nature made them and underscore that it is a human rights and self-determination issue.

Go to any of many web sites or organizations defending babies from the horrific practice:  nocirc.org; intactamerica.org; arclaw.org  (Attorneys for the Rights of the Child);  mothersagainstcirc.org (Mothers Against Circumcision); circumstitions.com; and doctorsopposingcircumcision.org (Doctors Opposing Circumcision). There are countless books, websites, scientific papers and videos available debunking the de facto sexual assault that is circumcision on the non-consenting.

So don’t call me to distribute your literature and envelopes in my neighborhood.   Unless, of course, you change your position. Moreover, any future donations to the March of Dimes from my household will be incumbent on the same changes you would make.


 Lawn Griffiths