Mr. Barack Obama
President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

I enthusiastically voted for you twice and am an ardent Democrat. I have defended you countless times. I saw you speak in Mesa, Arizona, in early 2009. Yet, I cannot fathom what has happened to your judgment in this, your second term. You, who are widely touted as a constitutional lawyer and regarded as a champion of freedom and civil liberties, have gone down new roads that threaten this nation’s traditions and future direction. What gives, Mr. President? You are getting terribly bad advice from someone.

Somehow, I believe, some hard-right, doctrinaire forces have hijacked your presidency and are taking you into dangerous areas that are forever changing the fabric of America. This preoccupation with national security at the expense of civil liberties has got to stop. I would expect you to not be a president who would erode our freedoms. I am troubled by the proliferation of drones and, your push for the use of drones to take out people “we don’t like” across the planet, including Americans, who would not get due process. I am really upset by the United States’ proliferation of spying on everyone across the planet, including our allies. It has got to stop. I am really ashamed that you, Mr. President, would be behind such insidious actions. I have to believe Edward Snowdon stepped forward for all freedom-loving people in the world in exposing the overreach of the U.S. government into private lives. It seems so uncharacteristically Barack Obama to go after a man who is a whistleblower who is exposing the nefarious actions of the most powerful government on earth. This Army veteran and former Peace Corps volunteer fully realizes that America, for all its grandness, is run by human beings fully capable to evolve into tyrants, opportunists and corrupted leaders. We certainly has seen a gallery of rogues in the White House. Americans must abandon the fantasy that our elected leaders always have the people’s best interests in mind. We must not let up on scrutiny, and question authority. There is so much chicanery going on in the federal government out of view of the people or the media.

I and many I know believe the “terrorist pretext” for unprecedented actions by the United States government to “protect us” does not protect us because we can no longer trust our government as it reads emails and organizes the information it gathers. Oh, you may say that ordinary Americans have nothing to worry about, but anyone who knows human nature and how power corrupts knows better. It wouldn’t take much for one of your underlings with an agenda to single out someone or a group for something they oppose and make trouble, using what has already been gathered. Further, you are setting the precedent for a future U.S. president to take things further in creating an Orwellian world.

Mr. President, pull back on all that NSA worldwide spying. Reverse yourself. Put controls and restraints on domestic government intrusion into your people’s lives. Stop your slide into reactionary politics. Purge your files of the information gathered on Americans. I want my four grandkids to have world without Big Brother knowing their every move or being required to have computer chips in their arms so the feds know where they are at all times — “for their own good.”

Your legacy is at stake if you continue down this road, Mr. President. I, for one, do not want the mistakes you make in the next three years to open the door for the Republicans. We know full well their pernicious agenda would only accelerate an American decline and further a loss of the freedoms and civil liberties in such jeopardy today.


Lawn Griffiths