The world made a mistake in 1948 with the establishment of the sectarian state of Israel. A theocracy is contrary to healthy human civilization. People, with the same ideology, are not easily packaged and confined to a geographical area — and inhospitality and discrimination that follow lead to tyranny and oppression.

A political state governed by the tenets of one precise religious doctrine is bound to lead to suppression, turmoil and injustice. Palestinians, like American Indians on this continent, were run over, smashed and violated in countless ways after it was determined Jews could be settled as a nation state already populated  by people with centuries of sovereign rights to that land.

Zionists came with an attitude. They soon had an invader mentality. It was a land grab of monumental proportions.  Their illegal occupation of the West Bank, Palestinian lands, has caused Israel to lose respect in the world. Their zealous campaign to wipe out thousands of homes of Palestinians and erect massive settlements for Jews only is so bald-faced that Israel deserves all the world’s contempt for it. By the end of 2011, more than 527,000 Jewish settlers were living on Palestinian lands, in massive modern conclaves protected, of course, by ominous walls. The Jews have revived the pogroms of Eastern Europe 75 years ago in Palestine.

The problem with Israel is that is does not behave. It is a rogue in the community of nations. Countless United Nations’ resolutions have called for  Israel to return territories, desist from confiscating Palestinian property or committing human right violations.

It is all ignored. The rules of the world community don’t apply to Israel

Sadly, the United States has been the arrogant  bully’s best friend — often the only nation voting on Israel’s side. What American wasn’t outraged with Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., in February 2012 when the U.N. Security Council voted to censure Israel for its West Bank settlements and occupation, with Rice casting the lone no-vote with Israel, so the council’s action was blocked? More than 100 nations backed the censure. Rice said the whole Palestinian question needs to be settled by peace negotiations. Yeah, and how futile has that been? American leaders’ relentless support of Israel — no matter what — has been shameless and embarrassing.

No world leader has made more trips to Washington and the White House than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  How can such a wisp of a country get such disproportionate attention? Certainly, the powerful pro-Israel lobby in this country is a key factor.

From the beginning, Israel took advantage of the world’s sympathy, guilt and blindness  related to the horrendous Holocaust of the 20th century. And tragically it has employed some of the same bullying that has been visited upon their ancestors. To take the Jewish diaspora and replant it in Palestine and displace millions already there was one of the great injustices of any century. Millions of Arabs were turned into refugees, especially after the wars in 1967 and 1973. Propped up financially and militarily by the United States, Israel has tortured and killed Palestinians trying to keep their lands and freedoms. Today Palestinians are harassed, denied the same rights as Israelis, prevented from voting and restricted in their movement by being forced to travel pitiful roads, while Israelis drive on modern highways that divide the Palestinians lands.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is relentless in its pressure on the U.S. Congress, the president and the American media to take actions that keep Israel the big gorilla that must be humored, fed and coddled on the world stage. The U.S. news networks all too rarely point out that Israel is illegally occupying the West Bank.

We all know the theory that a child tortured and abused likely will grow up to be an abuser himself. Perhaps, the millions of Jewish deaths, suffering, torture and the Never Again resolve reconstituted as a macabre psycho-social-political determination that is manifested today in the harsh and heartless way in which the Jewish state is punishing and killing Palestinians. Man’s inhumanity is reborn into a vicious cycle of hostility to others.

I have just finished reading “Steadfast Hope: The Palestinian Quest for Just Peace,” which was accompanied by a 120-minute DVD film commentary and resource. In graphic detail, the materials show the shameless march of Israeli Jews across the land of the Palestinians, stripping them of dignity, citizenship, property, legal rights and opportunity. From the confiscation of the fields to their sending American-made behemoth Caterpillar bulldozers to knock down Palestinian homes for the weakest reasons, this is the behavior of a government that cannot be counted as a legitimate member of the world community. That the American media has been perfectly subdued by the Israel lobby and that a host of American presidents have been intimidated into submission is clear. Israel uses the pretext of “security” every second it gets, but this bully is INSIDE and OCCUPYING the West Bank, the area that should be a modern Palestinian state in a two-state agreement, the home of Palestinians. How can Israel, the intruder, argue “security” and “protecting ourselves” when they should not even be in the West Bank?

Many Israeli Jews have been working with peace groups around the world to condemn what Israeli political leaders have authorized in violation of the Geneva Conventions, human rights laws and common decency. Israel’s application of apartheid is shameless. A growing number of people are using the peaceful methods of boycotts, divestments and sanctions (BDS) to put pressure on Israel, a nation that has certainly won no favors in the Mideast by its conduct and its groundless claim to being God’s favored people.

With more Jews in America than in Israel, we need pressure from those American Jews who recognize blatant injustices that cannot continue. Blind allegiance to Israel’s every move, tactic or position is wrong.   Israel’s lasting security will only come when it starts to behave and foster a true two-state solution.  Palestinians deserve so much more.